What Makes Costa Rica a Top Surf Travel Destination


A quick Google image search portrays Costa Rica with bubbling hot springs, cascading waterfalls nestled in the deep rainforest, smoldering volcanoes, a country with relaxing white sand beaches and smiling three-toe sloths. What else would an explorer wish to get, all bundled in one heritage of a country? That is what defines Costa Rica

Why Costa Rica

What makes Costa Rica a top surf travel destination is the zest and the vitality to arouse one’s childhood memories of exploration, offering freedom from worries after a busy season or working. Three man things make Costa Rica stand out as a top surfing destination. These are;

– Natural Beauty
– Adventure
– Culture

Five percent of the world’s biodiversity is packed in Costa Rica. Besides surfing, it is a country with incredibly beautiful animals with bizarre evolution and amazing abilities. There is colossal rainforest that is layered with bromeliads and mosses, mired in the fog. It is among the most developed country in the central America and one of the most progressive.

Surfing in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the home to one of the best waves on the planet that all crush along the beaches that are clean and blissfully empty. The beaches are less crowded giving you the surfing of a lifetime.

You can choose private surfing from the numerous companies that will teach you how to surf in their incredible all amazing packages. At Costa Rica, you will experience adrenaline pumping adventures such as the zip lines, the waterfall hikes and surfing world class waves.

There are numerous luxury villas and private beach homes with the facilitation of chauffeured transportation. A photographer with be provided to compliment your adventure activities and after surfing, relaxation massages will be offered to stimulate your muscles.- This is what makes Cost Rica to be the top surfing and travel destination in the world.

Surfing Vacation Packages

Private companies are all over to offer a lifetime experience and give you a home, away from your home. There are a number of surfing packages custom tailored to fit your pocket and needs. Notable packages are;


Tamarindo Surf Vacation Packages

Comes with a couple of tour adventures, surfing lessons with the best surf school Costa Rica has to offer, luxury accommodations, food and a lot of surfing and other adventures.

Nosara Beach Surf Vacation Package

The package comes with adventurous zip lines and waterfall tours, eight surf lessons and fabulous beach homes near the surfing locations and adventure points with access to fine super restaurants.

Surfing Tour Vacation Package

This is a package that will be offered to those people who would like to see more of the Costa Rica beaches and surf breaks. You will be offered access to the six world famous surf breaks with surf guides and photography.

Top areas to Surf in Coat Rica

– The Caribbean’s
– North Pacific Coast
– Playa Grande
– Central Pacific Coast
– South Pacific Coast

Whether you are an amateur or a veteran, you do not have to worry about where to start on surfing. You will be guided on proven instructions techniques that will take the adventure beyond your dreams as you will soon see yourself flying in the deep waves.